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March 26 2017

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StarCraft Remastered announced by Blizzard!

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This belong you, black man ?
Is mine now.

4303 7dbc

Here you go wonder woman fans

4304 962d

Caption this !

2771 bb2a

Daily Star vs the Forces of Evil gif #9

2772 f438

Let’s play: spot the stoner

6242 b987

Hero or villain?

2359 dbf8

One of my greatest fears is drowning. It was hard to watch this scene.

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0194 e1f9

Satisfying wooden toy

6354 4268

3,2,1 - Ignite

6355 9b0b

New Justice League extended trailer

9557 b09d

16 years ago today 1 baseball 1 bird.

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When it’s the first time you go down on a girl and have no idea what you’re doing

9333 3c54

*“Eye of the Tiger” sounding in the background*

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8232 a17e


8233 3646

How much I loved his game, I know you feel the same

5487 671c

When you finally defeat a boss after dying over and over

5488 c490

Average user in IT support

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Meet Earth’s newest cloud: the undulatus asperatus.

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ABS : Ass Breaking System

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